Gadsden, Etowah County EMA prepares for snow

Gadsden could be getting some white powder, Thursday.

"Our area could expect two-to-four inches," Etowah County EMA Deputy Director, Denise Cooey, said.

But Cooey says bring it on.

"We're ready," she said.

She says Public Works employees are on standby, constantly monitoring mother nature. And, if needed, they're ready to address any problems the area might have. And, on that note, she says you should, too.

"Have your kids ready, have your food supplies ready and then if you don't need them that's great...but if you do, then you are prepared," she said.

One way to stay prepared is with your phone. Cooey says apps that give people access to up-to-date radars has been amazing.

"Technology has brought us a long way in keeping up with the weather and knowing what to prepare for in a timely manner," Cooey said.

But, one thing she doesn't want you doing is driving, saying in snowy weather, there's no reason to get behind the wheel.

"Don't drive if you don't have to because we all know even on rainy days we can have a lot of wrecks," she said. "With the temperatures remaining below freezing during this snow event, you'll have a slush probably...and that can still be treacherous."

She says another possibility is black ice Thursday night and Friday morning.