UPDATE: Capital murder charges filed against suspects in Gadsden shooting

William Meadows died Sunday, February 2, from a gunshot wound to the head. (Photo provided by Meadows family)

Etowah County prosecutors filed capital murder charges Tuesday morning{}against the two Gadsden men{}accused of a deadly{}shooting Sunday morning.

District attorney Jimmie Harp said 19 year-old Tyree Desean Young and 21-year-old Dexter Jerome Harris{}shot William Meadows during a robbery around 7:15 a.m.

"This was a calculated murder.{} I think{}they went [to the home] for several reasons. One to rob this individual of his money and his weapon.{} I think they thought that maybe the robbery of this guy might raise their ranks in the streets, so to speak," Harp said.

Investigators said Meadows was at his girlfriend's apartment on Piedmont Cutoff, when there was a knock at the front door.{} Meadows's girlfriend told officers he went to answer the door, and she heard the sound of punches and a gunshot, which struck Meadows in the head.

The robbers took a large sum of money, as well as Meadows' gun.{} Harp said the suspects also tried to shoot Meadows' girlfriend before they left, but the gun malfunctioned.

"From what I understand, they had planned this for a couple of days," Harp said.

"I believe it was calculated and carried out as intended, except for the fact that the gun jammed and both individuals didn't die."

The woman recognized one of the intruders and identified him to police.{}{}Harp praised her "courage" in coming forward and cooperating with the investigation.

Officers found Young and Harris at a home on Florence Avenue, less than{}one mile from the College Manor Apartments where the shooting took place.

"Sometimes it takes 48 hours to apprehend the individual, and this time it took less than 45 minutes we had these guys in custody.{} [The police] made a pretty open and shut case very quickly," Harp said.

Paramedics took Meadows to Gadsden Regional Medical Center before a helicopter transported him to UAB, where he died around 10 p.m.

Family and friends gathered Monday afternoon at West Gadsden Funeral Home.{} A visitation will be there Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.{} Meadows' funeral is set for 1 p.m. Saturday at Mission Baptist Church on Tuscaloosa Avenue.

May Meadows Guilford, the victim's mother, said she doesn't recognize her son's accused killers.{} She is pleased police caught them so quickly and hopes prosecutors get a conviction.

"They ain't going to never see daylight again. {}Period. {}They're there and they can forget it," Guilford said.

"That was my baby that I loved dearly. {}I love all my kids, but he was a person that you extra love," she said.

"He was awesome. {}He was a father to everybody. {}He made sure everybody in the family stuck together. {}He was the kind of person that he wanted you to have it, he wanted you to have it."

Guilford said her son -- affectionately called Booney by friends and family -- constantly checked on her.{} She said if he had not heard from her in two days, he would call to see how she was doing.{} He was her youngest son, and would have celebrated his 39th birthday in March.

"I can't explain how I really feel right now but I'm prayed up and I'm blessed. {}I'm blessed for the 38 years I had him with him," she said.{} "I know now he's with my mother."{}"We all love him and... all we ask for the world to do, and those that hear, is to pray for us. {}Keep us in their prayers."