Gadsden resident arrested on several misdemeanor charges

Gadsden Police have arrested a man on several misdemeanor charges.{} Monday evening around 11:10, a patrol officer stopped a 20 year old resident from running a stop sign at the intersection of Tennessee Avenue and Fuller Street.{} The officer could smell an odor of marijuana coming from inside the suspect's vehicle.{} Police say the suspect gave a fake name.{} Once the officer found out the man's real name, he noticed the suspect had an outstanding warrant.


The officer arrested the man, handcuffed him and was leading him back to the patrol car when he pulled away and ran.{} The officer chased him through backyards before eventually losing sight of him.{} A short time later, personnel at the Etowah County Sheriff's Office called and said the suspect turned himself in to jail, with handcuffs still on his wrists.{} The incident is still under investigation.

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