iPads stolen from Striplin Elementary School

The iPads were stolen from this locked box inside Striplin Elementary School. (

Fifth-grade students at W.E. Striplin Elementary are hoping 26 iPads are returned after someone broke into the elementary school this week.

"Every day these kids used those iPads," said Striplin Principal Delsia{}Easley. "It was a one-to-one initiative, which means that every child had their own iPad to use for instruction."

Gadsden police said the iPads were taken sometime between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning from a locked storage unit inside a classroom.

"To have kids crying about this loss is devastating to us," said Easley.

Easley said the devices were given to the school in 2012 through a fundraiser called Change for Change, which involved local churches, businesses and the community.

Police are following several leads, but no arrests have been made.