Gadsden voters will cast ballots for city leadership, alcohol sales

Tuesday, people in Gadsden will vote for mayor, city council and Sunday alcohol sales. The alcohol referendum would allow for sales seven days a week.

The referendum on the ballot reads, "do you favor the legal sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages for on and off premises consumption within the corporate limits of the City of Gadsden seven days a week?"

Supporters of the sales say the move could boost the economy and help recruit national chains.

A Jacksonville State University study found that seven-day sales in Gadsden could create more than 400 jobs and generate a 12.6 million dollar economic impact.

Voters will also choose between four candidates for mayor. Incumbent Mayor Sherman Guyton is running against J. Holland, Mitchell James and Michael Shell.

For City Council District 1, Billy Harris is running against Cynthia Toles.

In District 2, Warren Alexander Dates faces Deverick Williams.

Voters in District 3 will have to choose between Robert Avery and Thomas Earl Worthy.

For District 4, it's Luther D. Abel against Robert Echols and Mike Goodson.

In District 5, Gloria Allenstein is running against Billy F. Billingsley, Sr. and Bill C. Stewart.

Johnny Cannon faces Alfred Oyler in the District 6 race.

Voters in District 7 will cast ballots for Gary Ashley, Ben Reed or Chris Robinson.

Polling places will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday.