Galleria boulevard extension in need of funding

Hoover appears to be moving closer to the third and final phase of a decades-old project known as the Galleria Flyover.

This phase is designed to extend Galleria Boulevard across John Hawkins Parkway and connect it with Old Montgomery Highway into the residential section of Riverchase.

As of last November, the impression was this part of the project had been delayed because of Jefferson County's financial issues. That hasn't changed.

ALDOT engineer Brian Davis says a cut-through extension from Highway 150 to Lorna Road is in the works. But until funding is secured, no timetable is set. "It will be 80 percent federally funded and 20 percent locally funded," says Davis. "Who is going to fund it? Is yet to be determined. There will probably be some discussion that will take place between Jefferson County and Hoover. I'm assuming that they're going to resolve something at some point down the road."Jefferson County manager Tony Petelos served as Hoover's mayor when the entire Galleria Flyover project began in the mid 90s.

He says the county simply does not have the money to help with this final phase of the project. "From (Jefferson) County's perspective we have to do a match. The majority of the money is state and federal money. So we have to do a local match. Because of bankruptcy, because of our roads and transportation department, we don't have the money set aside for capital projects." Petelos, however,{} isn't ruling anything out."It's going to happen. They're looking at us to help, we may partner with the City of Hoover. I don't know, we'll just have to get closer to it," says Petelos