Gas prices soar 40 cents in four weeks

According to AAA, the price of gas has gone up 40 cents in the past four weeks and more than 20 cents in the past week-and-a-half, alone.

Ashley Weaver has a lot on her plate. She works full-time and has three children.

"Back-and-forth to work, back-and-forth to church, back-and-forth to baseball practice...back-and-forth to doctors visits," she said.

Which means back-and-forth to the gas station.

"It's a necessary evil," Marc Stricklin said. "No doubt, you got to have it."

Stricklin says he's had to move things around to be able to afford $100 a week for gas.

But did you know drivers can help lower the cost of gasoline?

According to Clay Ingram with AAA, if drivers were to look around for the best, low prices, then that would drive down the overall cost of gas because it would spark competition between the gas stations. Ingram says another factor in high gas prices is the amount of people trying to buy crude oil right now, which is pushing up prices.