Gaslight illuminates Tuscaloosa's darkest moment

{}{}Out of what may have been Tuscaloosa's darkest moment comes light for the city.

{} Alagasco is sponsoring a flame burning lamb to signal Tuscaloosa is building back from the April 27, 2011 tornado....stronger, safer and smarter.{}{} "For one it shows the durability of people as they grow difficulties," says Thomas Wilder, manager of Alagasco's programs assistance.

{} The lantern was placed at Tuscaloosa's{}Jaycee's Park in Alberta for{}a reason... because an area built to{}hold community gatherings in the park was the first public project completed after the 2011 tornado. "We had so many people to come in and assist. By putting a light there, it will shine forever and folks have an opportunity to come by and see this," says resident Yvonne Wells.

{}{} The flame{} will illuminate so much.

{}{}{} Just across the street from the park is where fire station #4 sat before it took a direct hit from the storm. Many of the first responders at the lighting ceremony were inside the fire station when the Tornado struck.{} That's why a plaque below the torch honors them as well.{} Chief Alan Martin says, "They went from being victims to responders in just a matter of minutes. It's symbol of the firefighters who are still here. They'll be having a new fire station built shortly. And they're not going in where, they'll be here just like this flame will."

{}{} As part of{}its Light the Way program, Alagasco plans to also place similar{}lanterns in Anniston, Selma and Montgomery.