Gate City mother on explosion aftermath: 'I told them it would be OK'

Some Gate City mothers told their children today would be better. But many families at Marks Village say little has changed overnight. Many were not relocated and are living without utilities.

The destroyed building is visible through the glass shattered inside Porsha Jones' apartment during the Tuesday morning explosion,

"The glass, my baby's bed is right here. It fell on her," she said pointing to the broken window above her eight year old daughter's bed.

Jones says she made multiple requests Tuesday to be relocated. Her neighbors were moved. She wasn't.

"I didn't know what to say. Tears came to my eyes because I was at a loss for words. I told the kids it would be okay when they woke up this morning," said the mother of five.

But Tuesday night, her daughter had to sleep in her room with the broken window.

"She got cut last night when another piece fell on her," said Jones.

Neighbors are moving out, and work is still underway to fix windows blown out by the explosion.

"They still haven't fixed my window. That's an empty house they are fixing," she said pointing to men installing a window pane into a nearby apartment.

There's another problem. Jones and others say the Housing Authority told them not to use the water because it's contaminated. She was not provided with any clean water..

"How am I supposed to clean my plate to feed my kids if I can't use the water? How am I supposed to cook them something to eat?," she said.

Jones says she's still being told her situation isn't bad. She doesn't know what to tell her scared children.

"It makes me feel bad as a mom. My kids are looking at me," she said.

Other people are also complaining about the broken windows and lack of utilities. Some even slept in their cars because they were too scared to go back home.

The Housing Authority and Alagasco did not respond to requests for information.