Generations for Habitat

Do you want a great work out and a chance to help out a local family at the same time? Spend a few hours working at a Habitat for Humanity house. It is great in so many ways. I took my son and a few of his friends out to work this past Saturday....

Gene and Paul are the foremen. They were so great to teach and be patient with novices. The boys learned how to hang siding. It is tedious, time consuming. You have to measure, and use a level to make sure each piece is hung just right..

The boys donned hard hats and went to work. The sawed, and hammered. They laughed and talked. At the end of the day they could see their work made a difference in getting this home ready to move in. The siding was straight and sturdy.

I got a chance to work inside the home. It was loud. I worked beside a lot of other people... Including the home owner and her two sons. It was such a blessing to be able to contribute by swinging a hammer and putting some of the inside two by fours in place.

If you get a chance I highly recommend you helping out. It is a blessing to be able to bless with hard work.

But I must say,you'll also have to schedule some couch time after the day is through.

God Bless,