Gip's Place makes some changes

Henry "Gip" Gipson playing guitar Saturday night in Bessemer. (

Music{}played for{}the second straight Saturday night at Gip's Place in Bessemer. The city attorney says Henry "Gip" Gipson can continue having his back yard juke joint as long as rules are followed or the city will enforce the law.

Changes have been made to follow the city's requirements. The city specifically asked cars not line the street and Saturday night, they were{}parked on Gipson's property according to his lawyer.{}

But it's been given many restrictions by the city of Bessemer after the city attorney met with a lawyer of Gipson's last Wednesday. Bessemer police were once again, checking licenses at a roadblock just down the street.

Shan Paden says "I outlined to him that they can't charge a cover charge. They can't acquire a donation."

Paden told ABC 33/40 nothing can be sold, including food and cd's. Gipson has also been told the music can't be heard at least 50 feet from the building. "If you violate the noise ordinance then we have the right to confiscate their equipment and charge somebody with a misdemeanor."

Gipson's attorney Brian Huff says Gipson is doing everything possible to cooperate with the city. "We're doing our best to maintain compliance with the Bessemer noise ordinance primarily cause we realize, {}this is number one a neighborhood and there are people who live here and we respect that."

Huff says lawyers are still in discussions with the city... as there may be a couple of rules hard to follow, like the level of the music. But he says Gipson is not going to do anything to violate neighbors rights. "Mr. Gipson has a right to exist. We are not a business, we are not selling items. We are not out to make a profit."

Paden says "If we see a violation of the law, we will enforce the law. I think there is a way for Mr. Gipson to have his back yard party as a long as they're backyard parties.

Huff says Gips Place was going to stop playing music around 11:00 p.m.