Girlfriend's son arrested in Tuscaloosa shooting

Tuscaloosa Metro Homicide investigators arrested 24-year-old Willie Richard Reed{}late Monday afternoon{}in connection with a weekend shooting.{}The victim is the boyfriend of Reed's mother.There's still a bullet hole in the home{}in the 5700 block of Clearview Hill Drive. It happened Saturday night. Police believe the mother and her 27-year-old boyfriend got into an argument and Reed, her son stepped into the middle of the fighting couple.{} According to investigators, other people at the home at the time say they were outside when the situation got heated. Moments later, they heard gunfire inside the home.The victim was shot in the chest, his side and several times in the back."Domestic between a man and his girlfriend but apparently they are having relationship issues that lead to the son intervening. Now, at this time - we don't know what brought him into. We don't know why the son felt he needed to insert himself in this argument," says Sgt. Dale Phillips, commander of Tuscaloosa Metro Homicide unit.

Ironically, there was similar shooting at this same location about a year ago.{} However, police say that involved an unrelated group of people who were tenants and living in the home at the time.