Give the gift of health


Around the holidays, we give a lot of gifts. {}Whether it is a piece of jewelry, homemade cookies or a hunting cap, lots of people enjoy the feeling of giving to others. {}If you want to feel even better about your act of kindness, why not give the gift of health. {}There are so many options for stocking stuffers or spa kits.When you think of the smells of Christmas, candy canes and peppermint may come to mind. {}Peppermint oil is a great holiday-themed stocking stuffer with so many different health benefits. {}Peppermint contains menthol, which is clinically proven to stimulate digestive fluids and bile, dilate blood vessels, induce perspiration, and relieve smooth muscle spasms. {}These oils help normalize gastrointestinal action by eliminating gas and relieving cramps. {}That could be helpful after indulging in holiday dishes, but there are other uses. {}You could put a few drops in hot cocoa for a Christmas treat or put it in your water for a crisp, refreshing drink.Peppermint is also useful as an expectorant. {}It's helpful for treating colds, flu and general fevers. {}Peppermint oil can be used to help treat asthma, headaches, ringworm, and even sinusitis. {}Just a drop of the oil on the area of the skin, can do wonders.For a less-festive, but equally effective natural gift idea, consider tea tree oil. {}The oil is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses. {}Experts suggests its use for treating cold sores, sinus/throat infections, yeast and fungal infections, bladder infections and skin problems. {}Obviously, it's useful in a wide variety of areas of health. {}It may not have the holiday fragrance like peppermint, but it can be used in baths, gargled as mouthwash, put in diffusers or vaporizers, or in conjunction with a massage. {}And if you have aches and pains from putting up the Christmas tree, you might need a massage. {}Consider using Tei-Fu massage lotion. {}The lotion will give an "icy-hot" sensation, which warms and loosens stiff muscles and joints. {}Tei Fu increases circulation to reduce fluid retention, aches and pains. {}The lotion is designed to penetrate the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue. {}If you're attending a party where the host may be stressed, bring along some of the lotion as a thank you. {}It can also be used for chest congestion, headaches, poor circulation, in addition to its muscle benefits. {}It's made up for camphor, eucalyptus oil and wintergreen, among other things known for their stimulating scents.For more information on these items and even more products that can be given as gifts, click here.