Glencoe Marching Band playing in Sugar Bowl

Alabama is playing in the Sugar Bowl this Thursday and members of a local high school will also be playing on the field, at halftime.

Sunday, Glencoe High School Band members got a final tune up before heading to New Orleans.

"One, two ready play." This band is certainly up beat! Drum Major, Autum White says, "I'm really honored that we were chosen to do this."The Glencoe High School marching Yellow Jackets, chosen to play halftime during the Sugar Bowl.Trystan Brown says, "I'm looking forward to marching on that big field and going to see Alabama play."Sunday they spent some time doing some fine tuning."We got an invitation last year about this time. I thought, well{} this would be a good trip for the kids. Got together, started talking about it with parents organization and everybody agreed we could make this happen." This is Mike Bright's final year as Band Director and says he couldn't be more proud. "Been teaching a long time, this is probably the sweetest groups of kids I've ever had the opportunity to teach, It's a blessing for me to get to see them do this."Bright says the Yellow Jackets will share the field with around 18 other high school bands and perform two songs. "We're all playing same music, all on the same page."He says around 50-thousand dollars was raised for this trip.White says, "If it wasn't for parents and band boosters, we wouldn't be able to go on this trip."Brown says, "The Color Guard and dance line have been working together and everybody in the band has been really working hard for this."They've been practicing more than a month - following a busy football season. Bright says, "This is a once in a lifetime thing for some of them and something they'll remember for the rest of their days I hope."A close knit band - much like family, ready to hit the road and make some musical memories and cheer for another home team. "Roll Tide, we're gonna see Uncle Nick."Bright says two other Alabama high school bands will be playing in the Sugar Bowl January second.{} The Glencoe Marching Band plans on leaving for New Orleans Monday morning at 11 o'clock.