Going to the inauguration, there's an app for that

ThePresidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) has announced its first-ever smartphoneapp that will bring key information about the official Inaugural events toAmericans' fingertips like never before.{}The app will provide a complete list of activities, clickable links thatshow you how to get there, and blog content highlighting unique stories.{}

If youare not attending the Inauguration, you can watch live streaming video ofofficial events so anyone can watch history in the making, the app will allowAmericans to be a part of the Inauguration no matter where they are.

The PICapp is available for iPhones and Android devices. It is also available on theiPad. Please click{}HERE{}to download the PIC app. When the Joint Committee releasesthe mobile web app later this morning, users may download the icon by visiting{}{}from their smartphone.