GOP Chairman Bill Armistead talks about Washington threats

GOP Chairman Bill Armistead. (

It was the scene in Washington D.C., Wednesday. Hallways were cleared while emergency responders looked for suspicious packages. One of which was left in the front office of Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby.

"It's terrorism at it's worst," GOP Chairman, Bill Armistead, said. "It's got to be stopped."

Armistead says the past few days have been troubling from Washington to Boston.

"It's a sad day in America when school children can't even go to school and runners can't run in a marathon and senators can't go to their United States Senate office in the capitol without fear of their lives," Armistead said.

According to U.S. Capitol Police, the suspicious package outside Sen. Shelby's office was investigated and was not determined to be harmful.

"We got to send a strong signal in America with 'We will not tolerate this'," Armistead said.

It was one of three suspicious packages that made it to senate buildings, Wednesday. Armistead says the threat itself is enough to act on.

"This is America and we're having this kind of thing take place in America," he said. "Law enforcement officials have to crack down in the hardest measure possible to find these folks and punish them to the extent possible."

Armistead says the confusion since the Boston bombings has been great with the aftermath, the scares and the panic. He says the way to get past this is to remember what America is all about.

"We got to get back to the fundamental things about what is right about America and not let fanatical people out there take over our country," Armistead said.