Gordo's HOSA team aiming to changing texting law after Nat'l Competition


{}{}{} You might call the young women on Gordo High School's HOSA or Health Occupational Services of America team the 'Dream Team' of wanting to change Alabama's texting law.{} They've been working on just that since last summer.{} The idea was birthed out of tragic event for one team member, Morgan Sanders.{} She was involved in accident in which an 18 wheeler struck the passenger side of an automobile where she was riding during her junior year.{} "I had a broken pelvis and fracture tail bone," she said with a smile.

Morgan has fully recovered and graduated Gordo High in May but she and her friends are headed to Orlando with their study and idea that helped them win the State HOSA competition.{} "It seems like every one of our friends are on their phone driving or listening to the radio and not paying attention to the road," explained Sanders.

Earlier in the School year, the girls began by drafting a campaign called 'Put it to an end, Don't hit send'.{} They took it to every school in Pickens County and even to Alabama State Troopers who jumped on board to support their 'Fatal Decision' event.{} Health Services Instructor Natalie Lavender says the girls wanted to do "something beside awareness to change the view of the general public about the danger of fiddling with the phones."

They're doing just that.{} The HOSA team has even approached lawmakers about revising the state's existing 'driving and texting' law{} and making it a 'distracted driving' law.{} "So officers if they see swerving they can pull you over and then they don't have to ask if you were texting they can just do it because they know your eyes were averted," said graduate Cassidy Hardy.

They'll make their presentation at the national HOSA competition{}in Orlando next Tuesday and after that hope its somehow drafted into bill before the state legislature.

The team is also teaming up with Alfa insurance on automobile decals for{}first time drivers.{} The purpose is so other drivers will know when a new driver is behind the wheel.{}