20 years later: Church remembers 20 killed in tornado

20 years ago on Palm Sunday 20 lives were lost after a tornado ripped through Goshen United Methodist Church.

Sunday morning, family and friends gathered at Goshen Memorial Garden where the church once stood.

People put pieces of glass on what will be a mosaic that looks like a butterfly, which symbolizes new life. Some took time to stop by their loved one's marker on the site. Others went by the old church wall to see all the names of the victims and those who were present on that stormy day. Many wore T-shirts with the scripture from John 1:5 that states, "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it."

After the special sermon, members walked to the new church down the street where Pastor Kelly Clem gave the sermon.

It brought back memories for Clem. She was the pastor when the tornado hit in 1994. Her four year old Hannah died in the storm. "We cry freely, we hold back the tears for times in which we need to really look to God in this," says Clem.

Clem says it's important to look to God even through tragedy. "We experience God, God's grace, and God's love and sustenance through all of this. And that's really the story and that's a joyful thing. To be a part of what God did, through this terrible tragedy."