Gov. Bentley: Obamacare is unworkable

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said the president is realizing that the federal health care law is unworkable.President Barack Obama announced Thursday that insurance companies can continue to sell, for one year, individual plans that are slated to end because they don't meet the requirements of the federal law.Bentley, who is a physician, said that's an acknowledgement that the complexities of the law are making implementation practically impossible.{} The governor said he would like to see the law repealed and a bipartisan group brought together to create an accessible and affordable health care plan.

In Alabama, Blue Cross Blue Shield is the largest health insurance provider. {} You'll remember, the company sent out notices to 87,000 policy holders three weeks ago stating many individual and family health plans would no longer be available after the first of the year.

ABC 33/40 checked with BCBS after the President's made his announcement to see if the company would continue to offer plans scheduled to be scrapped.{} BCBS spokeswoman Koko Mackin told us via email, "We are reviewing the President's statement and are evaluating its impact on our requirements for implementing the Affordable Care Act."

The health insurance industry said President's Obama's offer to fend off millions of cancellations comes too late and may raise premiums.{}