Gov. Bentley signs education budget without teacher raise

      Gov. Robert Bentley signed the education budget for the next fiscal year. The budget doesn't include a raise for teachers in Alabama. (

      MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- After clashing with legislators over the issue of a teacher pay raise, Gov. Robert Bentley has signed the education budget for the next fiscal year without making any changes, which he said state lawmakers' actions prevented him from doing.

      [Click here to get more details of the Alabama Education Trust Fund Budget for 2015.]

      Bentley had sought a two-percent pay increase for K-12 education employees in Alabama, but the Alabama Legislature instead approved a budget that puts more money into the employees' health insurance costs.

      Bentley upset some Republican legislators when he made a final push for the raise on the last night of the legislative session. Legislative leaders accused him of breaking an agreement.

      From @GovernorBentley on Twitter:

      "I've signed the ETF Budget.Legislature's actions prevented me from amending it w/a teacher raise.So a Special Session may be called mid year"

      "We'll keep looking at revenues. A 2% raise & a Special Session is not off the table.But the Legis attitude today wouldn't make this possible"