Government wants to limit uniforms

Stephen Cullen spent 26 years in the military before retiring as a Colonel in the Air Force. Of the many concerns that he experienced while working closely with the then General Colin Powell, uniforms were never one.

"The uniform never really concerned me. The uniform they gave me or I was required to wear, for a certain mission, that's the uniform I would wear," said Cullen.{}Like many in Washington, Cullen feels that limiting the varying number of camouflage uniforms in the military makes sense.{}"To go from eight or 10 uniforms to one or two or three or four, that maybe makes sense," said Cullen.{}The house passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which calls for camouflage uniforms to be paired down. The consolidation move could save the government tens of millions of dollars.{}Others on Capitol Hill say they don't agree with the proposed change because the different uniforms provide distinctive identities to each individual branch of the military.But Jerry Smith with the American Legion in Leeds thinks otherwise.{}"That would probably be a smart thing to do if its just the camouflage. If it's the dress uniform, that's a different story," said Smith.{}The debate isn't over just yet as the senate has yet to address the issue. But with a government drowning in debt, many admit some type of action has to happen.{}