Government websites not getting updated because of shutdown


While congress and the President continue to haggle over a deal to get the government back up to speed, a number of agencies are closed and their websites are not being updated.{}For example, the Office of Justice Programs website gives a bare screen with one sentence that reads,"Due to a lapse in federal funding, this office of Justice programs website is unavailable."There was also concern that the Amber Alert System, which informs the public of missing children, wasn't being utilized because of the shutdown.{}We checked into it and found that the website is up and running and no active 'Amber Alerts' were issued. The program is managed by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.{}One agency really feeling the burden of the government shutdown, however, is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Just visit the CDC's homepage, and you're greeted with a message that reads, " Due to the lapse in government funding, only websites supporting excepted functions will be updated unless otherwise funded. {}As a result, the information on this website may not be up to date."{}That's not the only problem at the CDC. {}The agency has limited personnel working because of the shutdown which means researchers are not collecting important data on issues such as the number of reported cases of influenza.{}"That information really informs us throughout the year the choice of strain for the fiscal year. {}So, that's very important information from a laboratory standpoint," said Thomas Miller, Deputy Director for Medical Affairs for the Alabama Department of Public Health.{}Researchers say states, including Alabama, collect their own data but national data collection is essential because it gives a bigger view of where the disease is having the greatest impact.{}


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