Governor Bentley Attends Groundbreaking At Mercedes

Governor Robert Bentley joined executives from Mercedes-Benz U-S International Wednesday to break ground on a $70 million dollar expansion at the MBUSI campus in Tuscaloosa County. The construction of the MBUSI Logistics Hub will lead to more new jobs. Nearly 600 people will be hired to work in the new logistics hub. "This latest expansion means several things," Governor Bentley said.{} "First, it means more good jobs for the people of Alabama.{} Also, it means the automotive industry continues to grow in this state.{} It shows the confidence that companies have in our workforce and in the positive business climate we've created in Alabama.{} This year marks 20 years since Mercedes-Benz first announced it was coming to Tuscaloosa County.{} Our partnership with Mercedes-Benz is stronger today than ever before."Currently, MBUSI Logistics Hub employs 3,000 people at its Tuscaloosa Plant.{} The new facility will help streamline logistics operations and will support the receiving, handling, and sequencing of parts for the vehicles produced at the plant. We will have more on the groundbreaking beginning today at 4 p.m.