Governor Bentley Backs Off Major Proposal for 2013

(AP) Governor Robert Bentley has backed off his first major proposal before the 2013 legislative session starting February 5.{}{} {}Bentley began talking in September about passing incentives for veteran state employees to retire. His goal was to reduce the state payroll.{}{} {}But Bentley says he's decided they are not needed right now because enough people are leaving state service and because the state is saving money in other areas.{}{} {}The executive director of the Alabama State Employees Association, Mac McArthur, says he doesn't think the proposal was well-received. He says nearly everyone who expressed an interest in the retirement incentives was already planning to retire.{}{} {}More than 300 had expressed interest to the state Personnel Department, far fewer than the 2,600 who retired when the state last offered incentives in 1998.