Governor Bentley meets with children relying on Carly's Law

{}Governor Robert Bentley spent time with families that fought for the passage of Carly's law.The new law allows research on cannabis oil, as a potential treatment for seizure patients.The oil is derived from marijuana plants.The studies will be conducted at UAB."How is she doing, she's doing better. She had brain surgery two years ago." Governor Robert Bentley greeted Monday by several happy families at Pelham City Hall. "This is Carly, I know Carly, Carly came to see me in my office." Dustin Chandler and other parents thanked the governor for supporting the passage of Carly's Law.It will allow Carly and others, who suffer from seizures, to participate in a study at UAB where they'll get treated with an oil derived from marijuana. Governor Bentley says,{} "A lot of medicines have been discovered from plants and many people believe some of the oil from marijuana is a medicinal oil that may help in these situations."The new law is now keeping families from moving to Colorado where the oil is legal.Robin Pass says,{} " I think it's a very brave thing that they stepped outside the comfort zone and listened to us."UAB doctors have already filed paperwork with the federal government. {}Chandler says, "It's going to be an open labeled observational study so what that means is anyone who gets in the study will be able to take the medicine and observe under a doctor's care if its working."Bentley says "I think if it truly works, we'll probably legalize that portion of it so it can be medically used by physicians and be given to children or adults."The governor has already received calls from other governors wanting information about Carly's Law.The study and treatments could begin at UAB this Fall.