Governor Bentley responds to Supreme Court ruling on immigration

Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley, issues a statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Arizona's immigration law.{}

"While Alabama's anti-illegal immigration law has similar provisions as Arizona's law, the laws are not identical.{} We will analyze the Supreme Court opinion to see what potential effect it might have on the provisions of Alabama's law.{} State laws on immigration are required because the federal government has refused to enforce its own immigration policies.{} The bottom line to Alabama's law is this:{} if you live and work in the state, you must do so legally.{} The people of Alabama want a strong immigration law, and I will keep my commitment to uphold and enforce Alabama's anti-illegal immigration law.{}

The core of Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law remains.{} The Supreme Court has affirmed that states can determine how they wilt interpret and enforce their anti-illegal immigration laws.{} We are pleased that the Court recognizes the important roles of states in enforcing immigration laws."