Governor Bentley to Detail State Law Enforcement Efficiency Plans

Governor Robert Bentley will hold a news conference Tuesday to detail his immediate plan of action for increasing efficiency among state-level law enforcement agencies. Governor Bentley will discuss measures that will allow for greater efficiencies while also preserving and protecting the integrity of the state's existing public safety agencies.{} As part of those measures, Governor Bentley plans to sign an executive order creating the position of Senior Law Enforcement Advisor.{} Alabama Department of Homeland Security Director Spencer Collier will serve in this role and will coordinate, through collaboration with individual agencies, efforts to streamline state-level law enforcement functions.{} Collier will also continue in his role as Director of the Alabama Department of Homeland Security.Tuesday's news conference will also include details on upcoming legislative efforts to further the mission of increasing efficiency.{} Governor Bentley will be joined by state law enforcement leaders at Tuesday's announcement.The announcement will take place at 10:30 a.m. at the Governor's Press Office in the State Capitol.