Governor Bentley to Visit Perry County Friday

Governor Robert Bentley willvisit Perry County on Friday to participate in anopen house for the county's first dialysis center and to continue hisRoad to Economic Recovery Tour.

The open house for the Perry County Dialysis Centeris scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m.{} Thenew DaVita Dialysis facility, which is expected to open soon, will givepatients a local option for dialysis, helping patients avoid the up to 100-mileround trips currently necessary for dialysis at out-of-town facilities.

Also, at approximately 10:45 a.m., Governor Bentley is scheduledto begin a tour of the Marion Military Institute.{} Governor Bentley willmeet with school leaders and cadets and will visit various facilities oncampus.{} The Marion Military Institute is one of five Military JuniorColleges in the United States and prepares young men and women formilitary and civilian careers.

At Noon, Governor Bentley will have alunch hour visit with local residents at Lottie's Restaurant.{} Lottie'sis a family-owned business that has served the people of Perry Countysince 2005.

The Road to Economic Recovery Tourroutinely visits counties across the state as Governor Bentley visits with localresidents and leaders to discuss various issues, including economicdevelopment, education and more.