Governor considering special session to fund economic development incentives

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley may call a special session in November to change funding for economic incentives. The money could start coming from the education budget.

The governor was in Washington County talking about bringing more jobs to Alabama when he made the remark. He said the state needed more money to attract companies and the Education Trust Fund benefited by dollars generated by the companies. Right now, the money for economic development comes from the General Fund.His press secretary released a statement saying, "Governor Bentley is looking at many different options for an economic development incentives package. Calling a special session on economic development is one of many options that may be necessary to help Alabama continue to compete with other states to{} bring jobs to the state.{} The Governor will work with the Legislative Leadership before calling a special session."House Minority Leader Craig Ford, (D) Gadsden, opposes the idea. He released a statement saying, "This is how it begins: Raiding the education budget for tax incentives for out-of-state corporations. The next step will be combining the budgets so they can pay for prisons with our children's education funds."

If called, a special session would cost taxpayers several hundred thousand dollars.