Governor Robert Bentley meets with boy held hostage in Midland City (photos)

Gov. Bentley's special guest for the day was full of laughter and excitement in Montgomery.

Governor Robert Bentley had a special guest in Montgomery on Wednesday, and the Alabama leader switched from using an ink pen to signoff on legislative papers to a crayon to color in a coloring book with the little boy who was held hostage in Midland City earlier this month.

Little Ethan, wearing an Alabama Crimson Tide hooded sweatshirt, became fast friends with his much older playmate for the day in the capitol city.

The governor's press secretary forwarded a few photos of Ethan and his mother meeting Bentley for the first time since his safe rescue from an underground bunker in Dale County on February 3.

Alabama Senator Harri Anne Smith was also on hand for the meeting and there were plenty of smiles throughout the day. One photo shows little Ethan underneath the governor's table with a contagious ear-to-ear smile, and another picture shows the boy giving coloring lessons to Bentley.

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