Governor unveils plan to save $1 billion

Governor Robert Bentley is on a mission. The objective, find a way to annually save the stateone billion dollars in taxpayer money.

The governor says he and Alabama conservative lawmakers have the road to take them there.

"We're working to 'right size' Alabama government and we've been working on that since we came to office," the governor said. "People want us to reduce the size of government, they want us to tighten our belts just like they have to do everyday, they want us to critically evaluate government and look for savings."Right now, Bentley says he can identify almost 700 million dollars in current and projected savings. Now his office will look to reform the state workforce, pensions, and various bonds to get the addition 325 million needed to get to that billion dollar goal. The governor says the state is already sixty percent of the way there. Bentley expects to reach that goal by the end of his current term in 2014. "You always have to set goals and you may not reach them but if you never set goals you'll never reach them, but our goal is to have a billion dollars in annual savings by the end of our first four years," says Bentley.