Grace House Volunteers are at it again.

Mama Lois and Grace House Christian Home for Girls are at it again! They are gearing up to help you wrap your gifts this Christmas.

I remember when we first started the project. Jim Spahn at the Galleria said ok try it and we had a few rolls of gift wrap tape and scissors.

We had an empty store and we all plunged in to wrap the presents.

The money earned went to shoes and food for the girls.

Since that time... The gift wrap project has grown and grown thanks to organized , intelligent volunteers and staff. It is a well oiled machine now.

This year they hope to be a blessing while getting blessed with donations.

If you are looking for it, go to the lower level of the Riverchase Galleria in front of Macy's.

Find out how Grace House is changing lives and you just might want to make it your year round project!