Grandson of Carrie Gentry indicted for capital murder

The grandson of Carrie Elaine Gentry has been indicted for capital murder.{}{}

Daniel Scott Gentry was indicted for capital murder Thursday June 14, 2012.{} A Shelby County grand jury returned an indictment ordering the arrest of 24 year old Daniel Scott Gentry{}from Chelsea. {}

Gentry has been in the Shelby County Jail on an unrelated charge of probation violation since April 29th 2012.{} The indictment was executed this morning.{} He remains in the Shelby County Jail without bond.

Carrie Elaine Gentry was reported missing on March 29th, 2012.{} Her vehicle was located on April 10th {}submerged in an abandoned quarry in Leeds.{} Ms. Gentry's body was discovered inside the vehicle.{} An autopsy revealed that her death was neither natural nor accidental.{}

A news conference will be held today at 2:00 p.m. at the Shelby County Sheriff's Office training center.{}