Grandview Medical Center rising from the ground up

An update on Birmingham's newest medical facility.{} Trinity Medical Center will change its name to Grandview Medical Center when it makes its move to a new campus on Highway 280. Construction on that campus continues, with an expected completion date of early 2016.CEO{}Keith Granger is happy to see Grandview Medical Center's campus take shape.{}"There's a lot of economic activity on the site, a lot of construction workers," says Granger. "We have three major projects going. The parking deck, physician office building and the hospital."{}"They moved 90,000 cubic yards of rock, dynamited it out, (and took){}8,000 dump truck loads of rock out of here before they started the concrete work." A lot of the progress can't be seen from driving down Highway 280. However, the view from Cahaba River Road shows the real work underway.The five level parking deck is rising out of the ground. Granger says, "It takes about five weeks to get the preparation for each (parking deck){}floor. Then they will finish that floor, strip away the reinforcements and then move up to the next floor. It's pretty incredible to watch these folks."Once completed, the parking deck will serve as the foundation to an eight story physicians building. It will be connected to the main hospital. The parking deck and physicians buildings are a top priority, because they will take the longest to complete.{} Right now, only a small amount of work is taking place inside the hospital. Granger guarantees that will change in the coming months{}"It is getting ready for the final constructions of what will be our o-r the emergency room, radiology, labs, all the high tech areas of the hospital, those will be the areas we will start on in the next three to six months. They will all be timed to be concluded when the physicians office is completed." This new facility brings an economic impact of close to $900 million to the area through construction and jobs.{} "It's creating an economic stimulus for our city here in Birmingham. It's creating a great home for us for the next 40 to 50 years," says Granger. More good news -- construction is ahead of schedule by a few weeks.{} "It's not a question of 'is it going to happen' it's 'when it's going to be completed."Granger says the future of the current Trinity campus is still in the works.{}The City of Birmingham and Trinity expect to have a better idea by the end of this year.