Greater Birmingham Humane Society upset over statement

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society is getting pulled into a political battle in Montgomery.It's over a bill to keep Alabama's spay and neuter clinics open. The Humane Society says that one of the groups fighting over the bill is spreading incorrect information.House Bill 141, that would keep low cost spay & neuter clinics open in Alabama, is in the Senate.Stella Burton, the Greater Birmingham Humane Society's Foster Care Manager, says "Spay and neuter is a simple solution. It should not be that hard to take care of our pets and we're dropping the ball, by not getting this bill passed." Not everyone favors the bill. The President of The Alabama Veterinary Practice Owners Association sent out an email urging Veterinarians to contact lawmakers about their concerns regarding the legislation."This was shocking to us, why this went out today."Karen Peterlin, with the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, says that email contained incorrect information on how the group uses its mobile adoption and transport unit."His contention was if HB 141 passes, any 501 C can open a spay and neuter clinic and if you don't think it's possible, just look at the GBHS transport vehicle.""The Humane Society received the mobile unit in 2011 for disaster relief and to show off their pets for community events, it just happened to come with a surgical area." Peterlin wants to set the record straight. "We have never used it as a mobile surgical hospital. We have no intention of using it as a mobile surgical hospital unless the permit given to us by the Alabama Veterinary State Examiners Board changes."She wants senators to know the facts before making a decision because she says it's an important one. "Since the Irondale clinic opened in 2008, we have seen a 32-percent reduction in the number of pets surrendered to us." We could not reach the President of the Alabama Veterinary Practice Owners Association for a comment. The Humane Society says it wants the group to retract its comments about the mobile unit.