"Green Business" campaign

Trashing cardboard boxes is a no-no at NLM. The Anniston-based marketing company is all about recycling, all about saving money. Add to the "green mix",{}programmable thermostats, fans, ipads, judicious use of paper and energy efficient light bulbs, and you get the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce's first certified Green Business.

"We're saving more than $100 a month," said Greg Kerion, NLM's owner " We have a long way to go. The Chamber showed us, there's more we can do."

The Chamber rolled out the Green Business Certification Program in the spring, but is stepping up outreach efforts this summer.{} Program coordinator Haley Gregg believes the initiative helps to protect the environment, save businesses money, and strengthen a company's bottom line.

"It's marketable.{} Customers will know the business is making a difference in more ways than one," said Gregg.

Right now, NLM is the only Green Certified Business, but Gregg says several others are close. The Chamber of Commerce is holding an information luncheon at Garferick's Cafe in Oxford on June 21.