Greene Co. crash kills four, injures four; victim speaks

Keosha Aaron is holding it together despite a broken wrist, scraped arm and eyelid.{} She remembers very little about the crash that took four lives and injured three others.

"I guess when he hit, that's when I fell out the truck. I don't remember falling out or nothing," said Aaron.

ABC 33/40 learned on Thursday afternoon that 6 out of the 8 people riding inside a 2004 Ford Explorer, which belonged to Aaron's sister - were thrown from it Wednesday afternoon on Highway 11.{} The crash happened in the Knoxville community of Greene County.

The 21-year old driver, Justin Coleman, somehow lost control. He was among those killed.{} Keosha says she was riding in the very back of the vehicle.{} "Like the little trunk part. I was sleep. I woke up when Justin swerved left, then I looked back and I thought I saw a transfer truck or something. Then he swerved right -- then we was going into a ditch. And when I woke up some ladies were carrying me to the hospital," she said.

State Troopers are still investigating the cause but, family members tell{}ABC 33/40{}they believe the SUV blew a tire and caused the driver to swerve then hit{}a tree.

Keosha's sister, Demetria Aaron was killed. Demetria's two sons --Kevone, 10 and Kewone, 11 were seriously injured. Their aunt{} Quarnika Aaron says,{}"Kevone is on a breathing machine. And he broke his upper arm. Kewone had a broken wrist and broken leg."

Family friend Latrice Robertson was killed.{} Her daughter, Myeisha suffered a broken neck.{} But, Myeisha's two year old daughter Ziliyah was killed.

Keosha tells 33/40 -- it's been a tragic and sad way to learn a lesson.{} "ah, not to ride in no back where i know there is no seatbelt thing back," she said.