Gross Out Camp

Children passing around snakes and visiting with an owl. It's all part of the fun at the Fresh Air Family Gross Out Camp. The week long camps are a partnership with the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, which features live animals and "Big Dave" Holloway, with lots of kid interaction. Gross Out Campers are spending the week studying plants, worms, tadpoles, salamanders, crawdads, bugs, minnows and all things gross. The camp is held in the Orientation Room, on the outside of the building behind where the plants are sold at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.{}Fresh Air Family is a non-profit organization focused on getting families and children outdoors for science and environmental education and healthy lifestyles. Gross Out Camp costs $225 per week,{} it will run every week until August 8th, from -9- to -5- each day. You can expect to find muddy, dirty, possibly stinky, and happy kids. For more information:
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