Groundbreaking ceremony for 86 new homes on Ensley

Home ownership strengthens communities, builds pride, and gives children stable environments.

Sometimes the hurdles to owning a house become too much for low income Americans to overcome. A new opportunity, however, for home ownership just became available in Ensley.{}{}

Tuxedo Terrace represents hope for a lot of people. Today, there was a groundbreaking ceremony{} where 86 houses will eventually stand. The goal is for people to become home owners, who may not otherwise have that opportunity.

"It's good for the community for the people who can't afford the houses and the people who need somewhere to stay. It's good for the neighborhood," said Demetrius Sanders.

He picked up an application hoping is dream of home ownership will come true. He had a house once, but it was foreclosed on. "It would be a blessing to own a home."

His blessing may be within reach thanks to the Housing Authority of the Birmingham's Lease-purchase Home ownership Program.

Several community members broke new ground at Tuxedo Terrace in Ensely, where construction on 86 single-family homes will begin. "I think it gives individuals sort of a sense of pride owning their own home being responsible for their own yard, things of that nature," said HABD Chairman Raymond Brooks.

He says programs like this help dispel myths about assisted living. "When you talk about the housing authority I really done think that there is a stigma I think people don't understand and they always look at that as people with lesser means," said Brooks.

More importantly, it gives communities like this a sense of pride. "Everyone is deserving of a home and we think it benefits not only that individual but the community as whole," he said.

There's no word yet on when the project will be complete. ABC 33/40 is told the first phase will result in 21 new homes, then they will move forward from there.

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