Group to give WBC 'Silent Treatment'

AP Graphic

{}{} The corner of{}Hackberry Lane and University{}Boulevard on the University of Alabama campus was extremely quiet Friday afternoon...perhaps a contrast to what it may be Saturday.{}{} It's the location where the school is permitting the controversial Westboro Baptist Church to protest.

{}{}{}{}"You've got dead people. Their blood is dripping off the hands of people in that city and that state," said WBC representative Shirley Phelps by phone.{} Their main message surrounds the Tornado that hit the city two years ago.{} WBC calls it a whipping from God for Tuscaloosa's sins.{} "The Lord God sounded the trumpet when he sent the tornado to Tuscaloosa he sounded the trumpet in your ear."

{}{} "That's not the God I{}know,"{}responded Tyler Richards.{} He has organized 'Silent Tide' made up of a specific groups that will counter protest.

{}{}{}{}Richards is with the Canterbury Chapel just down from where WBC will be staged.{}{}Other counter-protestors with signs will be just cross the street. But, Richard's group plans to just stand by quietly. "Our protest is more of a symbol to say we're unified and we're in this together."

{}{}{} The protest is scheduled for Saturday at 12 noon until 12:30pm.