Gun found in student's locker at Bumpus Middle School

An 8th grade boy at Bumpus Middle School was taken into custody Friday after school resource officers found a revolver in his locker, Captain Jim Coker of the Hoover Police Department reports.

The school was placed on lockdown during a locker search around the time students eat lunch as a precautionary measure. Administrators discovered the gun to be unloaded, and they did not find any ammunition following a thorough search of the boy's locker and personal possessions.

The incident comes just one day after the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office urged parents to closely monitor what their children take to school after several reports of guns being found on school campuses in the past two weeks. In each case, the weapons found turned out to be toy guns.

Coker did not say why the student had the gun or how he obtained possession of it. It is unknown at this time if the boy has been charged with a crime.