Guns and ammo continue selling out

Guns and ammo are continuing to sell out quickly at local stores. In fact, the FBI says there were record gun sales in December with over 2.7 million background checks.

Scott Waid is considering buying a firearm, but he couldn't try out his first choice at Hoover Tactical Firearms. "The 9mm we wanted to rent wasn't available because they're out of ammo." But he says that's no a surprise.. or the long line of people waiting to go into the firing range.

All the business definitely shows. "The only time I've seen the wall this bare is when we moved here." General Manager Austin Cook says items really started selling two days after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. Now that President Barak Obama has unveiled his gun control plan, it's still hard to keep many things in stock. Cook says I've run out of everything. AR 15's all the high capacity handguns, mostly 9 mm. Run out of the magazines those guns take, run out the ammo those guns take."

Cook also says distributors have less supply now. "After the Sandy hook shooting, it's gotten to where they have one, maybe two of certain things they used to have a huge stock of."

Another difference, more people are buying guns for the first time. Many are women, like Tommie Smith, who want to learn how to shoot. "Good people go through the right channels and do things right. They get permits, take safety classes. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. People need guns to protect themselves."

January 19th happens to be the first Gun Appreciation Day. Organizers encouraged people to go to local gun stores, gun ranges and gun shows to send a message to Congress and President Obama. The president wants stricter, universal, background checks as well as a ban on assault rifles with a ten round limit for magazines.