Habitat for Humanity provides new home for local family

© One of the new homes built by Habitat for Humanity during its Building on Faith Campaign. (

Gates says "It's like surreal and then once it comes up, I'm going to be overjoyed." Gates has been living in apartments for the past few years. She wants to live in a house to provide better living for her child. "I'm in a one bedroom apartment, daughter sleeps with me which she may still sleep with me now but now we got separate rooms, our own bathrooms," says Gates.

She contacted Habitat for Humanity, from there, Habitat decided to "Build on Faith".

The non-profit organization established relationships with different churches in Birmingham; the churches contribute and volunteer their time every week to help build the Gates home in Pratt city.

Charles Youngson with St. Thomas Episcopal Church says, "We just see it as a way of serving the community and drawing closer to one another and to god through our work. We'll finish up this afternoon and then another church will take over where we left off next Saturday."

Gates chips in, helping the volunteers build her new house. A house that she will one day call home with her family.

Gates says, "I am truly blessed and honored for habitat to be doing this for me, I'm just overjoyed right now."