Habitat is a great way to celebrate Christmas


If you ever get a chance to work on a Habitat for Humanity house I highly recommend it.

I had the chance to volunteer the day the walls first went up. I just love seeing how two by fours nailed together in just the right way can form a wall. Then I got to swing a hammer. I helped nail styrofoam insulation onto the structure. After that a little tape to keep the home nice and cozy.

Nails, wood, and a host of volunteers all coming together for one goal. To help build a home for someone who is in need.

It is heart warming. I also got the chance to meet the children who would be moving into the home. Keep in mind they will be there just in time for Christmas.

Tomorrow... I will take the boys out there. They too will get the opportunity to find out what it means to give time and energy to help others.

It's what Christmas is all about... Not the presents you get.. But what you give.

God Bless.