Hamilton Softball team remembers Callie McNeill

Students at Hamilton high school can relate all too well to the don't text and drive campaign.

One of their classmates died last summer while texting and driving.

Students and staff members at the school remembered Callie McNeill before a softball game against Winston County Thursday.

They all stopped for a moment of silence. The McNeill family was also presented with a plaque of Callie and her teammates back in 2011.

The team wore sky blue and black because they were her favorite colors. "We had some special jerseys made today for the game that our kids wearing in honor of Callie," says Coach Patrick Sutton, who was once her coach. {}{}

The jerseys also included Callie's number four on the sleeves.

Her father Arthur McNeill, sends a message to those who text and drive. "Life is not guaranteed. Tomorrow may never be here. Kids that are driving now and have their cell phones and stuff... put them away," says McNeill.