Happy New Year!


Here's hoping you have the best year ever in 2014. Our year started with a bang on January 2. The ancient water heater we had, sprung a leak.

The family worked as a team. Quickly moving a bucket beneath the leak outside of our son's room may have saved the carpet. But the water heater itself would be costly.

I called our standby plumber... But couldn't reach him.

Then I hit the internet and found one that sounded good and he could respond quickly.

But even though the day was chaotic with moving things around and aiding the plumber in any way we could and herding our dogs so they would be out of the way. The plumber was quick and professional. The new water heater promised to help with utility costs.

{}I tell you this story to help encourage you to keep the hope alive that even if you hit some bumps along the road... It can still be a great year!

Capture your thoughts and decide to look for the good.

{}If you are going through a tough start to the year, be encouraged. This is just temporary and it will get better.

{}Be determined to have a great new year!