Hardee's manager dubbed hero after fire rescue

Hardee's manager Dana Hurst. (

{}{}{}{} What was a normal day at the Hardees Drive-Thru in Northport, {}turned into one of life's scariest moments for manager Dana Hurst.{} A customer's pick-up truck caught fire.{} "I happened to glance down when I was getting his money because I'm really short I have to kind of get on my tippie toes."

{}{}{}{} Hurst saw the{}flames gaping from the below the truck.{} " from his axle and stuff and{}I noticed there was smoke in his cab," she added.

{}{}{} The man inside this truck was an elderly regular customer workers call 'Papa'.{} Hurst says the flames got about half as high at the drive-thru window.{} So, she jumped the counter to go pull 'Papa' out from the other side of his truck. "I went around and through his passenger door and get him out that way because this (between window and truck){}was not an option. The only thing I could think of was somebody's got to get this guy out."

{}{}{} Once she got him-out, Hurst got in-to the burning truck and drove it away from the building.{} "All this black{}(on the pavement outside) {}is where every single bit of the truck caught on fire."

{}{}{} From pictures workers took it appears the fire ultimately gutted most of the truck.{} But, the driver was o-k.

{}{}{} Now workers at the Hardees now joke about their boss's quick action. "She ran very fast...the fastest I've ever saw her run," said one employee.

{}{}{} Hurst tells me it was because she also had her employees in mind. "When I was in the car, the only thing I was thinking was I have to keep my people safe -- if this car blows up...I have four employees that have families and those families can not live without their mom and dad."