Have a bad weather day - pull out your assignment bag

Before memory fades, let us review what this winter has done to area schools. Students have missed at least five days of classes{}- in some cases even more - because of snow and ice. Teachers are frantic trying to figure out how to make up for lost time.

Schools in New Hampshire, where much more snow falls much more often, may have figured out a workable plan.{}Many school{}districts in the state{}now have "Blizzard Bag Days." Parents are notified that school is canceled and that students are expected to participate in the "Blizzard Bag Day" assignments. Teachers, by the way, don't get a "free day" either. They must be{}available either online or by phone all day for the students or their parents.

These "Blizzard Bag Day"assignments are preplanned and can be completed either online or on paper. If 80% of the students do complete the assignments, then the day counts as a school day and students don't have to make up the day at the end of the year.

Could such a plan work here? Snow days are not always needed,{}but{}classes sometimes can be{}canceled for several days{}after tornadoes or severe storms sweep through the area.{} In Alabama, perhaps "Bad Weather Day" assignment bags would be more appropriate.

Now, rest assured, New Hampshire schools have not taken away all the fun. The first snow day of the year is just that - a day to have fun.

Focus@4 would like to hear from you.{}Does this sound like a workable plan for students here?{}Would you have preferred{}your child have had school work to do during the recent week of snow or was it just time{}to play? Join the discussion on the abc3340 Facebook page and{}twitter@abc3340. We will share some of your responses Tuesday afternoon on focus@4.{}