Hay ride and Pumpkins

It's hay ride and pumpkin carving time.

Don't miss Hoover's Hay ride this Saturday night at Veteran's Park.

As a child I remember my dad carving the pumpkin and letting his three girls help.

Then for the yucky stuff. He would scoop the sticky seeds out of the depths of the pumpkin.

I thought they were pretty nasty. They were gooey and had strings on them...

The first time he took them and spread them out on a cookie tray and poured salt on them... I thought he had lost it.

But then mom put them in the oven and they baked and baked for what seemed like a long time.

Then finally I could smell them. They were on the golden brown side. We let them cool and then it was time to sample the roasted pumpkin seeds.

The very seeds that were disgusting when they were raw, were actually pretty good, especially with a lot of salt.

Is that how it is with us?

We get better with a little salt ... And going through the heat of trials?

Look for the good!!

God Bless!