Head Start program finds help amid shutdown

The Alabama Head Start program in Calhoun County has found assistance during the federal government shutdown. (

Some of the youngest victims of the government slowdown are students in Head Start programs.

This morning, parents with young children in Hobson City in Calhoun County didn't know what to do.

Head Start is a federally funded program for children from low income families.{} More than 800 students are served in the Anniston area alone.

Tabitha Best, a staff member at The Life Center church, knew something had to be done.She posted a call to action this morning on Facebook."I saw on Facebook where parents were talking about their kids and not having a place to go today, or 'how am I going to go to work?' That's when I posted on my page that the church is open free of charge, you can bring your kids on over," says Best.

For pastor Eugene Leonard, the decision to open the doors to his church was a no-brainer. He considers it a mission. "Once we put the word out on Facebook, people started to call in and parents started to come in, just saying thank you for opening the doors," says Leonard. "I believe that some things give God the opportunity to open up doors to His kingdom. For people to look to Him and put their trust in Him."Four volunteers who work with various Head Start programs in the region came to the church too.

To help give these children as close to a normal day as possible.

According to the Alabama Head Start association 17,424 children are enrolled in the programs statewide.

Church leaders say they are in need of donations to keep this program going while the government is shut down. If you would like to help, contact The Life Center church at 715 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Hobson City.{} You can reach pastor Eugene Leonard at (256)-499-1419.